Kendrick's Electrical Service


Harry Kendrick

P.O.  Box 1251

Clinton, N. C. 28329



Employment Objectives:

Unlimited Licensed Electrician



Garland Elementary School, Garland, N.C. 
Graduated 1973

Garland High School, Garland, N. C. 
Graduated 1979

Sampson Technical College, Clinton, N. C.
Graduated: 1983




The program  I took provided me with the fundamentals of wiring installation, electrical circuits, voltage; and current  measurements,  power factors of single and; polyphase alternating circuits.  I  gained a basic knowledge of motors,  motor systems and;  industrial control systems, business procedures and; communication skills.  In addition to the above, I am trained in electrochemistry and;  how it works.   

I can assemble wires, wire insulations and; electrical components using hand tools and; soldering equipment, test electrical circuits and; components to locate shorts, faulty connections and; defective parts, install, maintain and service mechanical equipment, follow blueprints and sketches, and use hand tools, metal-working machines, measuring instruments and; testing instructions.   

I have studied the N. E .C. in contents of wiring design and wiring protection, wiring methods and materials, equipment for general use, special occupancies, special equipment and special conditions.


After graduating from Sampson Technical College, I developed over eighteen years of hard training, under a series of electrical contractors in the North Carolina area.


During the course of time, I have acquired and in- depth knowledge of the electrical field, and have gained expertise in the areas of troubleshooting and; mechanical checks and; installations.


Work History:

Bay Valley Foods (Cate's Pickle)
354 North Faison Ave.
Faison, NC 28341
Mr. Ronny Mclver - Electrical Engineer
Phone # 910-267-4711 Ext. 234
2-3-03 - to present
Position - Mechanical Maintenance
Gearbox - Install - Ratio's, PC Single Motor Drives, Welding-Slick, Tig-Mig, Convoyer Speed Controls, Interlocking PC Drives and Controls

Newton Grove Electic, Inc.
PO Box 187
Newton Grove, NC 28366
Mr. Melvin E. Thornton-President
Phone: 910-594-1218
Position - Foreman, Agriculture Farm, Mechanical Electrical & Heavy Commercial, Hog-Slat.

Tarheel Control, Inc.
PO Box 259
Spring Lake, NC 28390
Phone: 910-436-0070
Mr. Mike Shaw-President
Position-Foreman-HVAC Controls at Fasco, Fort Bragg & Justice Academy, NC
Start up, Shut down, Control-Interlock & Pneumatics.

Newton Grove Electic, Inc.
PO Box 187
Newton Grove, NC 28366
Mr. Melvin E. Thornton-President
Phone: 910-594-1218
Position-Electrical Mechanic, Industrial & Commercial at Hog-Slat, Prestage & Murphy's.

Watson Electrical Company
PO Box 3105
Wilson, NC 27895
Phone: 919-781-4651
Jimmy Liles-Div. Mrg.
Position-Foreman, Commercial & Industrial at City Hall, Charlotte, NC, City of Raleigh, NC-Water Plant.

Industrial Electrical Company
PO Box 11497
Charlotte, NC 28217-28220
Phone: 704-523-3025
Mr. Gaines Brown-Vice President
Position-Foreman, Installation of Phase 1 & 2 of Glaxo's Computer Room.

Port City Electrical Company
PO Box 627
Mooresville, MC 28115
Phone: 704-663-4215
Mr. Samuel O. Duke-Foreman
Position-Mechanic, Commercial & Industrial at Durham Hospital, Underwriter's Laboratory - Testing Department, Durham, NC

Illum-Elex Electrical, Inc.
1207 New Hope Road, Exit
Raleigh, NC 27610
Phone: 919-549-9567
Nan B. Clark-Job Superintendent
Position-Technical Apprentice at Dupont, Durham, NC - Building Installation Phases.


Mr. Chris Dobbs, Superintendent
Crowder Construction Electrical Department
10706 Chapel Hill Road
Mooresville, NC 27560
Phone: 919-469-5499

Mr. Larry Williams-Senior Electrical Engineer
1285 Walt Whitman
Melville, NY 11747
Phone: 516-271-8200

Mr. Harold Lloyd Maynard-Electrical Instructor
610 Maynard Lake Road
Erwin, NC 28339
Phone: 910-897-5977

Emsco of Clinton
PO Box 240
Clinton, NC 28329
Phone: 910-592-5776
Mr. Bill Miller-President of Electrical Supply

Sampson Community College
1801 Sunset Ave.
Clinton, NC 28329
Phone: 910-592-8081
Tyte# 108A Diploma in Electrical Installation and Maintenance
Mr. Tommy Andrew Electrical Instructor

I am connected with most of these Electricians now.